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Welcome to JETAX, your prime source for top-tier industrial valves. With 18 years of expertise, we specialize in crafting high-quality butterfly, check, globe, ball, and gate valves that consistently meet international standards. Globally recognized for our unwavering reliability, we stand as your trusted partner for seamless fluid control solutions.
At JETAX, precision, quality, and innovation converge, ensuring unmatched performance across diverse industries. Experience excellence with JETAX Valve.

Precision Craftsmanship

Thoroughly tending to each detail, we showcase our steadfast commitment to excellence.

Global Reliability

Consistent performance worldwide, ensuring unwavering reliability.


18 Years of Excellence

A legacy of 18 years, delivering quality and innovation.


Innovative Technology

Explore the future with our Innovative Technology. Our cutting-edge solutions keep you ahead.

Why Jetax?

Experience excellence in fluid control.

At JETAX, our commitment to excellence is the driving force behind everything we do. Our dedication to precision craftsmanship, global reliability, proven industry expertise, and innovative technology sets us apart as your trusted partner in fluid control solutions.

What we do

JETAX Valve is your partner in fluid control solutions. Learn about our origins, growth, and the values driving us to redefine excellence in industrial valve manufacturing.

Valve Products

Valve Solutions for Enhanced Industrial Efficiency

Our range of precision valve products is designed to optimize industrial processes, ensuring smooth control, efficiency, and reliability. Whether it’s high-pressure applications or intricate fluid control systems, JETAX valves are engineered to meet the most demanding industry needs. Experience a new standard of operational efficiency with our straightforward and effective valve solutions.

JETAX Valve Excellence

Your Partner in Industrial Advancement.


Discover a diverse range of products designed for efficient and reliable operations.


Experience comprehensive services for seamless operations & dedicated technical assistance.



Keep up with industry trends and company news for the future of industrial solutions.


Discover our versatile range of applications, each tailored to meet the unique demands of various industries. From Marine to Oil Transportation, our solutions are designed to excel in diverse environments, ensuring optimal performance in every setting.

Oil & Gas

Optimize oil and gas operations with our advanced solutions. From extraction to refining, our products ensure reliability and efficiency in every stage of the oil and gas industry.


Navigate the complexities of chemical processes with our specialized solutions. From precise dosing to chemical analysis, our products play a crucial role in optimizing various industrial applications requiring chemical expertise.


Efficiently manage water resources with our specialized solutions. From purification to distribution, our products play a vital role in optimizing water systems for sustainability and reliability.


Leverage our cutting-edge solutions for liquefied natural gas (LNG) applications. Our products are designed to meet the unique demands of LNG processing and transportation, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Oil Transportation

Streamline oil transportation with our specialized solutions. From pipelines to vessels, our products are engineered for the secure and efficient movement of oil, ensuring reliability in transportation networks.


Empower your energy production with our specialized power generation solutions. From conventional to renewable sources, our products contribute to the reliability and efficiency of power generation processes.


Navigate with confidence using our specialized marine solutions. Engineered for reliability, our products withstand the challenges of marine environments, ensuring smooth operations on the high seas.


Maximize productivity with our mining solutions. Engineered for durability, our products thrive in challenging mining environments, contributing to the efficiency of extraction and processing operations.

Beyond Valves

JETAX Commitment to Excellence

Experience exceptional service, from expert technical support to customer-centric solutions. We’re here to ensure your satisfaction at every step.

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