Cylindrical Filter Cartridge

Jetax’s excellence, expertise, and innovation in air inlet treatment and filtration provide comprehensive solutions to safeguard critical components of your Gas Turbine air filtration needs.

Air filters are essential components in maintaining the optimal operation of equipment and preventing shutdown. Effective air filtration is crucial for reducing plant shutdowns and improving overall sustainability by minimizing the release of pollutants into the air. Additionally, air filters are integral to the performance of various energy-efficient technologies, ensuring that systems operate smoothly and with minimal environmental impact. Thus supporting the broader goals of sustainable energy practice

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Filter Media

Nanoweb (Blended Polyester)

Filtering Efficiency


Test Air Flow Rate

599 cfm = 1018 m3/hr

Effective Filtration Area

233.58 ft2 = 21.70 m2


25.98 in. = 660 mm

Outside diameter

12.75 in. = 324 mm

Inside diameter

8.38 in. = 213 mm

Number of pleats


Pleats depth

2 in. = 51 mm


Galvanized expanded steel


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